One Community – Our Commitment – Camsa Cares

Halifax truly has it all: beautiful ocean views, fabulous restaurants and, who can deny, our notoriously friendly residents.

Camsa Inc. appreciates the beauty of our city and has always believed in giving back. We have worked hard to support our local community by organizing and sponsoring many events over the years in support of various local charities. We believe the time has come to further crystalize that commitment to our local community, our home. Camsa has identified a unique opportunity to create a fundraising event second to none: Captains & Cooks.

This event is the only one of its kind in Halifax. Local restaurants and the business community will be paired with a beautiful boat to provide an unforgettable experience, all the while supporting a worthy charity. The lucky seafarers will spend a day on the water, enjoy a gourmet lunch prepared by one of the top restaurants in the city and get a chance to relax and enjoy the spectacular beauty of our city.

100% of the proceeds raised from the 2017 Captains & Cooks event goes to support of specific initiatives by local registered charities.

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